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Inbound call center services: Outbound call center services:
Catalog orders
Consumer response follow-up
Customer service
Dealer location
Spanish Language Services
Toll free response
Help desk
Direct mail response
Direct TV response
Direct Radio response
Print media response
Website response
Seminar/Event registration
Answering service
Inquiry handling
E-mail management
Product technical information
Interactive voice response
Sales lead qualification
Database updating and cleansing
Order Taking
Technical support
Spanish Language Services
Direct mail follow-up
Bilingual Telemarketing
Database selling
Debt collection
Contacts with decision makers
Customer satisfaction
Information and literature fulfillment
Appointments scheduling
Seminar population
Product promotion
Market intelligence
Up sell/cross sales campaigns

Our Technology

Technology: Our software packages include an advanced predictive dialer, a workforce management solution, real-time digital monitoring and recording and real-time quality coaching.

Primary Power: The facility has dual 12KV PG&E feeders serving the facility. Power is delivered via a central core power riser by means of a central conduit riser system.

Emergency Power: The building is equipped with a total of 6 emergency and backup generators. These range from 150KW to 2,000KW per unit. Power for all technical space environments is provided via automatic transfer switches that will seamlessly transfer power from our utility provider to our backup generators in a matter of seconds. Additional 2,000KW generators will be added as demand increases.

Security: Manned, on-site security is present 24/7/365. Cardkey systems have been installed in all technical areas, providing secured access to floor.

Continuity in case of hardware failure and current level of redundancy built into the production network (Internet circuits, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, SSL accelerators, systems, storage).

The center is designed in multiple tiers of redundant servers. The database server(s), messaging server(s), application server(s) and web server(s) are all implemented in clustered configurations. All hardware has redundant physical connections such as network cards and power supplies.

Employee background checks:

We contact former employers as references and do background checking via public sources (e.g. the internet).


Premium Outsourcing Services Call Center's management team has a combined total of over 25 years of experience in the call center industry with core competencies in maximizing return on investment and in meeting and exceeding business objectives for clients.
Management and supervisory teams are actively engaged in call floor operations at all times to make sure that programs are performing at an optimal level.



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