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Why Premium Outsourcing Services?

Call center agents are the main ingredient of success in any call center.

Premium Outsourcing Services understands this, our asset is certified call center agents in the Premium Outsourcing Service’s Network. We put in practice the best customer relationship management (CRM) services. We understand the importance of call center agents training, that the product is only as good as those delivering it, hence we train our Telemarketing agents with state of the art interactive training programs. When it comes to telemarketing services our team is made up of Telemarketing/Telesales experts.

Why the Dominican Republic

According to the Zagada Institute, a business development analytics firm, the Dominican Republic is the leading call center location in the Caribbean and Central America, followed by Jamaica, which employs roughly 10,000 agents throughout 16 centers, Panama with 9,500 agents, Costa Rica with 4,500 agents and El Salvador with 4,000 agents.

The proximity to the United States, makes it attractive to U.S.-based companies who want their offshore operations to be "near shore." The Dominican Republic is located less than 850 miles from Miami.

The Dominican Republic is not only physically close to the U.S. mainland, but its cultural affinity also makes it easier to find skilled bilingual agents at a time when the labor pool is tight.

Another reason for the Dominican Republic's rise as a call center haven is that operating costs are much lower than those of other destinations, such as India, Chile, Puerto Rico or Mexico. It is easier to find skilled bilingual agents at a reasonable rate, as competitive wages in the Dominican Republic can be as much as 70% lower than the cost for a worker in the United States.

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